Intricate First Nations Carvings

When most people think of First Nations art, carvings are close to the first things that come to mind. While they’re just one of the vast expressions of creativity across Native communities, there’s a reason that these pieces tend to stand out in the imagination. They perfectly encapsulate a commitment to living with the land, taking the beauty of nature and blending it with the stories and styles of community culture.

First Nations carvings come in many forms, but they all share unique attention to detail and the ability to inspire the viewer. House of Himwitsa connects modern audiences with a wide range of wood carvings from the diverse cultures that make up Canada’s Native communities. Our collection includes masks, paddles, and other interesting pieces that each bring invaluable texture to the landscape of national art.

Wood carvings


A Living Legacy

While it’s easy to think of First Nations art in a historical context, the pieces you see in our gallery aren’t relics. They bring vivid color to the modern picture of a complex, evolving, and engaged communities. We work with artists and community leaders to ensure fair trade practices and make our efforts part of supporting Native peoples. Explore the stories of the past, the artists of the present, and the movements that help shape the future by checking out our gallery today.