Welcome to the Dockside Smoked Fish Store

- All Natural Wild Pacific Salmon -

Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC
Thank you all for another great season!
This summer was another great one!
We are closed for the season and will reopen
March 1st 2022
Cathy & Lewis George

Welcome to the dockside smoked fish store in Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Tofino is famous for many things, including seafood restaurants and fresh seafood shops. The dockside smoked fish store specializes in three different types of wild locally caught salmon, which are smoked chinook, sockeye, and chum.

Hot smoked locally on Vancouver Island, as well as cold smoked. We have 19 varieties of wild smoked salmon.

During Our Peak Time, We Offer:

Cold Smoked:
Sockeye, lox, smoked natural and chili jerky, and cold smoked halibut jerky.

Hot Smoked:
Sockeye Indian candy, Chinook Indian candy, Chinook honey garlic, Chinook garlic peppered, Chinook maple chunks, Chinook natural chunks and peppered chunks, sockeye natural chunks and peppered chunks.

Hot Smoked:
Chum Salmonroni, chum honey garlic, chum teriyaki, chum lemon peppered, chum cajun.

We also offer canned smoked oysters, canned scallops, canned crab paté, canned lobster paté, canned salmon paté, canned smoked sockeye, canned regular sockeye, and canned tuna.